List of Courses Taught

Writ 7100: Teaching Writing

I co-facilitated a course with Knight Writing Institute staff member, Tracy Carrick, that oriented incoming instructors to the First-year Writing Seminar program at Cornell University. In addition to planning daily class activities, I facilitated class discussions, provided feedback to students on writing assignments, and engender discourse on effective pedagogical approaches to teaching writing.

BioEE 1780: Evolutionary Biology and Diversity – Writing in the Majors Galápagos Track Spring 2014 Cornell University
I developed curriculum for a Writing in the Majors section of BioEE 1780: Introduction to Evolutionary Biology that was focused on the Galápagos Islands as a way to teach students the basic principles of evolutionary biology first-hand. This WIM section was specially geared towards participants in Cornell Biology Scholar’s program, which supports students of underrepresented demographics that are majoring in biology.

BioEE 1640: First-year Writing Seminar: On the Origin and Future of Biodiversity – Instructor Fall 2013 Cornell University

I designed and taught a First-year Writing Seminar that was jointly supported by the Lab of Ornithology and the Knight Writing Institute at Cornell. I constructed a sequence of six essays that focused on writing skills in the sciences. These assignments covered a variety of different types of writing, including research papers, narratives and perspective pieces. In addition to improving students’ ability to write about science for different audiences, in-class assignments and lectures focused on improving mechanical aspects of writing such as diction, grammar, and organization. I was awarded a James Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize from the Cornell Knight Writing Institute for a sequence of three essays associated with this class.

BioEE 2650: Tropical Field Ecology and Behavior – Co-instructor January 2013 Cornell University
Alongside co-instructors Irby Lovette, Brian Lazarro, David Bonter and Ginny Howick, I co-led a field course at the Mpala Research Center in central Kenya. Emphasized topics included experimental design, scientific writing, critiquing scientific literature, and learning about the natural history of Kenya’s diverse flora and fauna.

Introduction to Evolutionary Analyses with R Workshop – Co-instructor Summer 2012 San Diego State University
In conjunction with co-instructor Pascal Title, designed and implemented a three day workshop that introduced students to the basic skills needed to read data sets, manipulate phylogenies, and carry out comparative analyses within the R programming environment.

Biol101L: The World of Animals – Teaching Associate Fall 2009 – Spring 2012 San Diego State University
Taught the lab portion of a zoology course for nonmajors. Teaching responsibilities included lecture prepara- tion, designing quizzes, grading coursework, student mentoring, and responding in a timely manner to student inquiries.

Biol524: Ornithology – Guest Lecturer Spring 2011 San Diego State University
Gave a guest lecture on the production, qualitative and quantitative descriptions, and evolutionary patterns of avian vocalizations. Designed and implemented a lab activity wherein students described songs using different methods to develop and improve their ability to identify birds by ear.