Intramural Service


Orenstein Fund: I currently serve on the Orenstein Fund committee, which supports EEB graduate students to attend workshops and specialized meetings. I also help organize Evo-Group, a monthly seminar that brings together graduate students, post-docs, and faculty from various departments to showcase research and encourage inter-departmental interactions.

Evo-Group: I co-organize a monthly seminar series that brings together students and faculty from various departments to showcase recent and ongoing research. In addition to recruiting speakers and coordinating presentations, I co-manage the organization’s budget through the GPSA.

SNEEB: I help coordinate SNEEB, a weekly happy hour that fosters interactions among graduate students, post-docs, and faculty from different departments at Cornell.

2015-2016 EEB Search Committee — Evolution Line: I served on the EEB search committee to hire an evolutionary biologist in fall 2015 and spring 2016. As the graduate student representative on the committee, I reviewed attended all meetings, reviewed each application, and served as the liaison between the committee and graduate students. I collated and summarized graduate student feedback on each of the candidates that we interviewed.

Special Events

EvoDay 2014 (Spring 2014): I was the lead student organizer of EvoDay 2014, a single day symposium on the topic of “Sexual Selection.” We invited speakers from universities near Cornell in upstate New York, including Syracuse University, Rochester University, Union College, and Binghamton University to present their research and exchange ideas.

CTE U-Wide Teaching Conference (Fall 2014): As a Graduate Research and Teaching Fellow with the Center for Teaching Excellence at Cornell, I helped organize a university-wide conference on teaching. In addition to helping registrants and coordinate logistics leading up to the conference, I led a workshop on Experiential Learning.


I recently mentored Nathan Goldberg on his independently motivated research project regarding identifying species from cryptic species complexes via non-invasive molecular sampling. The manuscript resulting from this collaboration is in review at Wilson Journal of Ornithology.