About Me

I am currently an NSF-funded post-doctoral researcher at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and the department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. I am working closely with my sponsor, Rauri Bowie, and other members of his lab group. I study the ecology and evolutionary biology of birds using a variety of tools, including phylogenetics, comparative analyses, population genetics, phylogeography, and niche modeling, among others. I am also an avid contributor and user of natural history collections.

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and attended Vassar College, where I graduated with departmental honors in Biology and minored in Hispanic Studies. I then joined Kevin Burns’s lab at San Diego State University to study avian systematics and comparative biology as a master’s student. After earning my master’s, I joined Irby Lovette’s lab at Cornell University, to pursue my PhD where I studied comparative and population genomics in a variety of systems.

In addition to thinking about evolutionary biology, birds, and natural history, I also enjoy baked goods, food in general, rugby, science fiction and fantasy, house music, and 90s hip-hop.


Recording birds in the Shingle Shanty Preserve of the Adirondacks in May 2013.